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Haha, loved it, short, simple.. comical! <3

NickerbockerStudios responds:

thanks so much! Its great to see you guys liked the humor, I wasn't sure how likable it would be...


I've been waiting for this to come out for SOOO! long! And it was so worth the wait! PLEASE tell me there will be more to come!
The best part had to be:
Thug: "That was pretty cool"
Steve: "Thanks, I felt pretty cool saying it!"
LMAO!! Aaah... loved it <3

Neo-Egyptian responds:

There most certainly will be more to come, and having received a copy of The Animator's Survival Kit for Christmas it's all gonna look sweeeeet.


Have to agre with force2425...
absolutly loved it.. at first I was like wtf.. then when it killed him i was like.. ok.. :\ then the random whoot.. LMAO! and at the end it hit me.. making something from nothing and all and I remember all the colours and everything its genious... Loved it.. I make no sence but all you need to know is its 10/10 5/5 :D

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This was.. pointless, but it had a comical value some how, so i guess its pretty good.. haha.


It was simple, music was anoying but it was pretty good :)

flsh responds:

glad you enjoyed it! be sure to check out Avoidence 2!

Lol good..

Totaly hard... I managed to get 2 crystals and know to put them in the... 'place' but it looks like I need more.. lol, truly hard, I will find it out though xD....

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Pretty Cool.

I like the voice, it does fit in as you said in your comments for a more 'Military' voice.
I'm giving you and 8/10 'cause I feel it'd be better to hear more of a transition of emotion, perhaps getting louder/more aggressive toward the end?

All in all I like it. - I'm always looking for new voices to put in my radio show for between songs/introducing the show etc, etc.. If you'd like to give it a go just give me a yell, I could come up with all kinds of scripts for short voice clips.

technomantics responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Very much appreciated =)

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